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The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) business unit was established in April 1998 following a Presidential approval to have one focal point for all the activities of interest to NNPC as a stakeholder in LNG businesses. The Division has the mandate to manage Federal Government's investments in LNG businesses. It is involved, in conjunction with other Shareholders, in concept development, engineering and construction of LNG Plants as well as LNG production, marketing and shipping to drive maximum returns on investment to Federal Government.

The Division currently oversees one company, the Nigeria LNG Limited, Bonny (NLNG) which commenced operation in 1999 and two LNG projects:

  •  The  Brass LNG Project and 
  •  The OKLNG Project. 

The Division is also diversifying into the marketin​g and trading of LNG and NGLs.


Invest in LNG Business in a safe, competitive and profitable manner.​


Become a leading and reliable global LNG/NGLs supplier.​




Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited

NLNG was incorporated as a limited liability Company on 17th May, 1989 to harness Nigeria's vast natural gas resources and produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for export. The Shareholders are NNPC (49%), Shell (25.6%), Total (15%) and eni (10.4%). Subsidiaries of NLNG are Bonny Gas Transport (BGT) Limited and NLNG Ship Management Limited (NSML). NLNG Plant has 6 production Trains with combined production capacity of about 22 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of LNG. A 7th & 8th train Project with capacity to produce 4.2 MTPA of LNG each is being progressed and at completion, NLNG will have a production capacity of about 30 MTPA of LNG.

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Brass Liquefied Natural Gas Limited

Brass LNG is a Greenfield project located in Brass Island, Bayelsa State

Current Shareholders are NNPC (59.08%), Total (20.46%), eni (20.46) NNPC plans to divest 19% of its equity to Strategic Investors (SIs): LNG Japan (4%), Itochu (3%), Sempra-Sahara (2%), Bayelsa State (5%) and Rivers States (5%). The divestment will be implemented after the Final Investment Decision (FID)

The plant will produce about 7.7 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of LNG utilizing the APCI LNG Process technology. About 8.3 trillion cubic feet of gas (about 1,200mscfd) for 20 years will be required.

When it becomes operational, Brass LNG will;

  •  Generate value for Nigeria, Niger Delta Region and Stakeholders.
  •  Actively promote Local Content, sustainable development and Nigerianisation.
  •  Make strategic investment in remote areas in line with Federal Government policy.
  •  Develop and monetize some of Nigeria's abundant gas reserves that would otherwise remain stranded.
  •  Increase domestic LPG supply.
  •  Brass LNG investments will have a multiplier effects on local & national economies.
  •  Employment opportunity of skilled and unskilled labor in the community.​

OK Liquefied Natural Gas (OKLNG) Limited

OKLNG is a Greenfield LNG Project, located at Olokola in Ogun State.  The Project was conceptualized in April 2005 and the collaboration MoU was signed by NNPC/Chevron/BG /Shell as an integrated Enterprise. 

OKLNG was originally owned by the following partners: NNPC (46.75%), Chevron (19.5%), Shell (19.5%) and BG (14.25%). Currently, NNPC remains the sole participant in the project following the withdrawal of these partners.

OKLNG is designed with two LNG Trains to produce about 12.6 MTPA LNG, 1.25MTPA of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and 1.04 MTPA Condensate as by-products using APCI C3/MR Technology.

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The NNPC LNG Limited was incorporated on 3rd October, 2012 as the investment entity in all the downstream LNG partnerships and ventures. The Company is the investee in the 4 Marketing Joint Ventures (MJVs) established to market LNG and its derivatives. These ventures are listed in the structure below:


NIJALCO is a joint venture company of NNPC LNG Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and LNG NEXT Corporation. NIJALCO was incorporated on 21st February, 2014.
NIJALCO’s mission is to become a world class trader of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). It is responsible for marketing, trading and safe delivery of Nigerian produced LNG to customers worldwide.
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NITOC MJV is the only marketing joint venture consortium yet to be incorporated.

NITOC's goal like NIJALCO's mission is to become a world class trader of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with its activities covering the marketing and trading LNG produced from Nigeria and safely delivered to customers worldwide.

NITOC will leverage its affiliations in the Japanese and European market to ensure it achieves its goals. ​


NISEMSAH is a joint venture company of NNPC LNG Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Sempra Energy & Sahara Limited. NISEMSAH is yet to be incorporated.

NISEMSAH strategy is to market and trade LNG volumes produced from Nigeria for onward delivery to customers worldwide.


West African Gas Limited (WAGL)

West African Gas (BVI) was incorporated in March 2013 as a Joint Venture Company of: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation LNG Ltd - a wholly owned subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Ocean Bed Trading Ltd (BVI) an established oil and gas trading Company.

West Africa Gas (BVI) was established to primarily serve as a vehicle for offtake, marketing and trading of NLNG NGLs under the equity lifting scheme. Its strategy leverages on the long term NGLs trading experience and expertise of its Joint Venture partners.

The Company aims to maximise value from the market with a focus in trading NGLs whilst leveraging on its vast resource base.

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Management Team

               Ms. Nike Kolawole                  Group General Manager

 Barr. (Mrs.) DEBORAH USMAN - LLB.  B.L     General Manager, Support Services

Engr. Joshua Obabiolorunkosi  General Manager, NLNG

               Mr. Adamu R. Umar                     General Manager, Commercial 


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