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​Downstream Opportunities

​Investment opportunities in​ the downstream sector include:

Domestic Production and Marketing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG).

Domestic Manufacturing of LPG cylinders, valves and regulators, installation of filling plants, retail distribution and development of simple, flexible and less expensive gas burners to encourage the use of gas instead of wood.

Establishment of processing plants and industries for the production of:

  • refined mineral oil, petroleum jelly and grease
  • bituminous based water / damp proof building materials e.g. roofing sheets, floor tiles, tarpaulin, and
  • building of asphalt storage, packaging and blending that may export these products.

Establishment of chemical indus tries e.g. distillation units for the production of Naphtha and other special boiling point solvents used in food processing.

Linear Alkyl Benzene, Carbon Bl​ack and Polypropylene producing industries.

Development of Phase II (Phase III to commence later) in Nigeria’s Petrochemical Programme.

The NLNG Projects.

Small-scale production of chemicals and solvents e.g. chlorinated methane, Formaldehyde, Acetylene etc. from natural gas.

Crude oil refining with efficient export facilities.

Companies with the technology can undertake turn around maintenance of refineries. There is a tremendous scope for small-scale joint venture manufacturing concerns with foreign technical partners. Such ventures can start warehousing arrangements that will ensure continuity of supply at competitive prices.

Products Transportation and Marketing Associated with products distribution and marketing is a chain of manufacturing and maintenance businesses e.g. Lubricating Oil reprocessing, LPG bottles and accessories, oil cans reconditioning etc.​​


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