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Upstream Opportunities

With proven oil and gas reserves of 32.5 billion barrels and 187 trillion cubic feet respectively, numerous investment opportunities abound in upstream operations of the Petroleum industry as categorised below: [Upstream Opportunities - On-shore business]​
  • Surveying - tropical and planimetric; and sea bottom survey
  • Civil Works- mud pit construction, concrete works at rig sites
  • Seismic data acquisition and interpretation
  • Drilling operations
  • Pipelining
  • Crude oil transportation and storage
  • Exploration and production of oil and gas products
  • Manufacturing of consumable materials in exploration such as explosives, detonators, steel casting, magnetic tapes etc.
  • Search for development of local substitutes for items such as medium pressure valves, pumps, shallow drilling equipment, drilling mud, bits fittings, drilling cement etc.​


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