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The pipelines and product marketing company (PPMC) is the product distribution arm of NNPC. PPMC is directly responsible for the comparative ease with which petroleum products are sourced and  distributed to all parts of the country, at a uniform price: a phenomenon which Nigerians have come to tak​e for granted. PPMC, a subsidiary of NNPC, ensures, among other things, the availability of petroleum products to sustain our industries, run automobiles and for domestic cooking. 


PPMC receives crude oil from the NNPC unit called the NATIONAL PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT SERVICES(NAPIMS). PPMC then supplies the crude oil to the NNPC local refineries however, petroleum​ products are so​metimes imported to supplement local production when the local refineries are unable to process enough for the country’s needs.

Petroleum products are either imported or refined locally are received by the PPMC through import jetties and pipelines and distributed through pipelines to depots strategically located all over called bridging to designated retail outlets. There is also provision for using the rail system to move from some of the PPMC depots.​​


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