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​​​Gas Production

NNPC's vision is to make Nigeria the leading Liquified & Natural Gas (LNG) producing nation in the world and to promote sufficiency in the domestic power supply. 

We intend to achieve this goal by monitoring the commercialization of Nigeria’s abundant natural gas reserves, reducing gas flaring, promo​ting viable LNG projects, power plants and associated gas projects.

The Federal Government has set the following objectives for NNPC as regards Gas production:

  • To monitor and expedite the commercialization and the development of Natural Gas for Domestic and Export markets 
  •  To protect the Federal Government interest in LNG & IPP ventures 
  • To monitor and support all LNG and Independent Power Plants (IPP) ventures
  • To support NNPC Human Resource capacity building
  • To work towards achieving and sustaining “zero” flaring of Associated Gas
  • Promote the Nigerian Content​ initiative​​​​​


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