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​Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company (WRPC)​​​

To efficiently and profitably process crude oil into petroleum products, manufacture and market petrochemical products through effective resource utilization, while exploiting new business opportunities.

Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company was incorporated as a limited liability company on the 3rd of November 1988 after the merger of the then Warri Refinery and the Ekpan Petrochemical Plants.

The Warri Refinery, the first Nigerian government wholly owned refinery was commissioned in 1978. It was built to process 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day but was later de-bottlenecked to process 125,000 barrels per day in 1987. It was essentially built to add value to some of the refinery by-products such as propylene rich stock and decant oil.

The operability of these plants is contingent on the availability and reliability of the following facilities:

  • Electric Power and Utilities: These are produced within WRPC and are critical to the steady processing of crude oil into petroleum and petrochemical products. They include among others steam, electricity, various types of water quality such as (firewater, process water, portable water, boiler feed water and cooling water), instrument and plant air and nitrogen.​
    The company has a design potential to generate 125MW of electrical power from 3 Gas Turbine Generators and 3 Steam Turbo-generators (STGs). Design capacities of the facilities are:​​
  • 2 ´ 15 MW extraction/condensing STG (STG-1 &2), 
  • 1 ´ 15 MW condensing STG (STG 3), 
  • 1 ´ 20 MW GTG located in the petrochemical facilities, 
  • 2 ´ 30 MW GTGs with 55 tonnes/hr waste heat boilers.

Some of the utility generating facilities within WRPC include:

  • Water treatment plants 
  • Two Nitrogen Plants, 
  • Compressed air systems and Refinery and 
  • ​Petrochemical Effluent Water Treatment Plants.​


  • Technical Highlight
    WRPC on behalf of NNPC is designed to refine daily allocated local Crude of 125,000 barrels per day to petroleum products. It also produces PP and CB.
  • Commercial Highlights​
    • The refinery  receives crude for processing from PPMC which is the agent of NNPC CHQ.
    • ​It refines the crude into products at agreed processing fee and yield for off-take by PPMC which is the single processee and off-taker of the products.
    • ​WRPC adds value to some of the petroleum products produced.
      • ​It uses propylene rich feed to produce polypropylene pellets and uses fuel oil to produce carbon black .​
    • The refinery leases the refining and petrochemicals assets from CHQ for a fee.
    • ​The refinery  also pays CHQ overhead charge.​​


Refinery Road,
Ekpan, Warri – Delta State, Nigeria.
Telephone: 053-250812​​​​​​​

Management Team

Mr. Babatunde Bakare 
(Managing Director)

Engr. Abbas Kofar-Bai Zubairu
(Executive Director, Operations)

Mrs. Regina Dolapo Falomo
(Executive Director, Services)

Mr. Bello Danlami Kankia
(Executive Director, Finance)


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